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Anniversay of Dossche Ouster Approaches - Deposed IC Still Deludes...
The question might be who is deluded the most...Ward or his synchophants?

     As Fidonet approaches the first anniversary of the removal of Ward Dossche as International Coordinator(May, 2004), Ward displays the loveable character traits such as fabrication, distortion, that have earned him the respect of many Fidonet members.

Deposed IC - Ward Dossche From: Ward Dossche
To: Malcolm Miles
Date: 2005-04-17 08:52:52
Subject: Re: New Z6C


> Congratulations to Carol Shenkenberger on being appointed the new Zone 6
> Coordinator. I, along with the other ZCs, wish her well in the new role.

I have not given you permission to speak in my name and it would be good if
you were to limit your goof to this one occasion. OK?

As IC I am not speaking-out in name of the other ZCs nor in anyone else's
name for that matter. Please do the same in your efforts to profile
yourself. A *C, any *C at any level, represents no-one but him- or

Take care,


Dosshe explains his ploy to become IC

    When reminded that he was elected IC by his peers in the ZCC, in a manner similar to the method used to depose himself....Dosshe has a very creative story:

From: Ward Dossche
Date: 2005-04-19 00:06:40
Subject: Re: New Z6C

When I became IC that office was in a state of abandonement, so "replaced the previous IC" is a bit too colourful. The plot to hi-jack the IC-office from me is nearly as old as my getting there.

The discussion is irrelevant though as I still occupy that position.

Have a nice day,


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