Fidonews Editor Offers Downloads!

Copyright --- or was that Copy Wrong?

Felten     The Fidonews Editor has and understanding of copyright....he even states in the publication:

"Fidonews is published weekly by and for the members of Fidonet.
     Fidonews is Copyright (C) 2006 by Bj”rn Felten, though authors
    retain rights to their contributed articles."

     It may be a bit confusing then, to learn that Bj”rn Felten has gone out of his many times in public to insist that copyright conventions and laws either do not apply to music, or are only applicable in the United States, and may be invalid everywhere, since they only enrich the publishers, not the artists.

    Perhaps in a spirit of concern for his fellow man, respect for others and primarily a desire to support artists, he has made certain materials available for download on his web site.

    Before rushing off ready to download, viewers need to be informed that some folks in Fidonet, while defending Felten's right of offer the material for public download, feel that anyone accessing the web page may be in violation of some law. works as of January 2, 2006. It's only a question of how many people visit it and download the songs before the server gets over taxed and Mr. Felten changes the URL.

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